When people think about Colorado, they often imagine our beautiful landscapes with the majestic Rocky Mountains. Or maybe they think about rolling grasslands spotted with small farms. Most likely, people often bring up our delicious local craft beer, and rightfully so.

There’s certainly no limit to our selection of craft beer here in Northern Colorado. We have a multitude of micro and nano-breweries just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your favorite restaurants – including Next Door Food and Drink! We love having our brewery neighbors to work with on beer pairing dinners and helping them highlight some of their fantastic brews on tap. It has been a popular month for beer, so we wanted to extend some beer highlights to our blog. Matt Iafeliece, our Front Of The House Manager and Wine and Beer Director is loving Red Ales as the seasons change, saying that Colorado has really made this our own homegrown signature style of beer.

Red Ales aren’t typically high in IBU’s, are nice and approachable, making them a lovely beer to raise a glass with at dinner. Here are a few favorite Red Ale suggestions from Matt, and feel free to ask your server for some beer pairings that will go well with your next dinner!


City Star Brewing – Red Necktar

This red coming out of Berthoud is dry hopped with Simcoe hops, and has nice citrus, fruit and floral hop aromas and flavor. It is  a delicious balance of malt and hops, and was the 2013 Denver International Beer Championship in Silver.


Black Bottle Brewery – Ginger

As an American Red, this beer is hoppy and has no soul… (as described on their website). In all truthfulness, this ale has an attractive copper color with a doughy bread aroma. It also has ginger root as an ingredient, but it’s not an overpowering flavor, as ginger tends to be. It’s subtle, like gingerbread cookies, and works well with the hops to bring a nice balanced spice.


Crow Hop Brewing – ‘Rado’s Red

This English-based red is crystal clear with reddish hues. Upfront notes of dark caramel with a slightly astringent quality build into bold roasted toffee with nutty undertones. It finishes with a light taste of toasted grain, which lends a characteristic dryness. The English hop varietals come smoothly in the finish without much hop bitterness.