If you’ve been reading our social media pages, then you know that we’re very excited to welcome Matt Smith as our new Executive Chef. Last week we shared his impressive resume with you. But if you’ve been reading our blog, then you know that we love to share the inside stories from our kitchen with you, too.

While the entire staff is essential to making sure you have the best dining experience with us, it’s our Executive Chef who leads the way in the kitchen. An Executive Chef finds the best ingredients to cook with, teaches and leads the rest of the kitchen crew, all while making sure that every dish that leaves the kitchen will wow your tastebuds.

Chef Matt will be experimenting with new things that you might not have tasted in Northern Colorado; there may be a new vegetable that you have never heard of or a part of an animal that you wouldn’t have ever tried. It’s going to be very exciting and delicious! He’s going to open up some new food experiences that will leave you impressed and hungry for more.

It has been a busy first week for Chef Matt (nothing like starting during graduation week!), but he made sure to take a moment to provide some behind the scenes details for you. We know how curious everyone is about what to expect from us this summer!


What new and exciting things can people expect from you as our Executive Chef? 

I think what I can bring to the restaurant is the eye of a French chef. With my classical french training, I learned that French cuisine is about making the best food from whats around you – local produce, meat, and fish from specific farmers or locations is what I am looking for.

What is one thing you’d like people to know about your food inspirations at Next Door Food and Drink?

We will strive to make as many things in house, from within the restaurant, and buy as local as we can get for a product or service. I like to shop and cook from as many local business as possible. I aim to cook from the heart, get better everyday, and make delicious food.

What are you most excited about now that you’re living in Northern Colorado?

I’m super excited for being outdoors as much as possible, and more than happy to take all of those 300 plus days of sunshine. I am really excited to be apart of the emerging food scene of Colorado and believe that it is really ready to take off. I think there is a strong appetite for something new and exciting.