Knowing your neighbors has become a lost nuance. All too often we’ll give a friendly wave to each other as we pull out of the driveway on the way to work, or a cordial nod on our way to the mailbox. But, how many of us really know our neighbors like we did when we were kids growing up? Not too many. And it’s the same for businesses, too!

We wanted to change that. Our restaurant is like a second home and Loveland is our neighborhood. Together we make the fabric of our community. What better way to celebrate that than with food and friendly faces!

We extended a warm welcome to our neighbors at Madwire Media last week. Chef Ricky and our staff spent some time experimenting in the kitchen, creating a special exclusive lunch dish in honor of our neighbors.

They came up with the “Bird on a Madwire” sandwich – Basil marinated chicken sandwich topped with mozzarella, marinated tomatoes, piquillo caper aioli, and onion string “nest.”

Bird on a Madwire Sandwich

Not only did we create a special menu item for them to enjoy on their lunch breaks at the restaurant, but we also supplied them with handfuls of VIP Happy Hour cards where they can enjoy Happy Hour pricing at their convenience when they come back this month. Nothing says, “welcome, neighbor!” like Happy Hour bacon-wrapped dates and glasses of wine.

Thanks to our neighbors at Madwire Media who took the time to enjoy their business lunches with us. We look forward to seeing them again! And they aren’t the only neighbors we’ll be celebrating; if your business is in Downtown Loveland, be on the lookout for your special invitations, too!