You might know Next Door Food and Drink for using local ingredients from Northern Colorado farms and having a lovely wine menu to pair from, but have you explored our cocktail menu? We have seasonal cocktails that are sure to add a little extra flavor to your evening with us. Not only do we include our local seasonal ingredients in our food, but that extends to our cocktails – right down to the spirits!

Colorado’s craft distilleries are growing by leaps and bounds and we’re lucky enough to be able to sip and support them as they blossom. Just like food, the quality of the alcohol impacts the overall flavor of the cocktail. Many of Colorado’s distilleries are “grain-to-glass operations” getting grain from local farmers, distilling alcohol in-house, and giving back spent wash to farmers. Spring 44 even goes so far as using their personal water supply at the base of East White Pine Mountain in the foothills of Western Larimer County. It’s definitely a labor of love.

These are some of the local distilleries that you can find on our menu:


spring gimlet

Craft cocktails are a delicious way to enhance your culinary experience. These days drinks are going above and beyond quality spirits and including an array of interesting ingredients. We always try to keep you on your toes by rotating our menus and trying new recipes. We think we have a few cocktails that might catch your attention! Try these cocktails made with spirits from local distilleries. We’d love to hear if you’ve sipped on them before and which drinks have been your favorite from our bar!


  • Spirit of Spring Gimlet – Spirit Hound Gin, fresh muddled arugula, and lime
  • Ginger Remolacha – Mezcal Tequila, muddled roasted beets, fresh squeezed lemon, ginger simple, and Triple Sec
  • Saffronzerac – Bulleit Rye,  Overland Distillery Absinthe, saffron infused white balsamic