There are some very important components that go into an upscale dining experience:

  • Impeccable quality of ingredients
  • Creative execution of each dish and drink from the kitchen and bar
  • Top notch service from staff
  • Comfortable, unique, and appealing atmosphere

Dining atmosphere is one of those components that you may not think much about. You may notice the furniture, an interesting accent, and a striking painting on the wall next to your table. More often than not, ambiance is something that you feel more than you see right off the bat.

Matt Kauffman


During your next visit with us, take a look around to notice some of the art that accents our walls. We have some unique works that were created by local artists right here in Northern Colorado! Matt Kauffman handcrafted the metal scrollwork, architectural appointments, and the Next Door Food and Drink logo etched into the wooden floor in the entrance. This last summer he added the tree of life for our private room on reclaimed pine from Quality Shoe building.




Each one of these artistic creations contributes to the beauty of your dining experience – the visual art complimenting the culinary art.